WWARN is continually updating a library of standardised procedures that offer guidance in the execution of various activities in the fields of clinical, in vitro, pharmacology, data collection and molecular analysis for antimalarial drug resistance researchers. Please read our tools and resources usage guidance.

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Publication Code: QA04

A process for sites to use to help staff involved with attending or arranging monitoring visits

Version: 2.0

Publication Code: PHA09

NONMEM code for Piperaquine PK/PD Study Group

Version: 1

Publication Code: INV10

Evaluting Plasmodium falciparum susceptibility to artemisinins in laboratory strains and fresh isolates

Version: v1.2

Publication Code: EXT03

Extracting Plasmodium spp. DNA from dried blood spots by QIAamp DNA Mini Kit

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: EXT10

This manual was developed to guide a move towards common standards for undertaking and reporting research microscopy for malaria parasite detection, identification and quantification.

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: EXT07

Separating and visualising amplified PCR products of msp1, msp2 and glurp

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: EXT11

The purpose of this document is to standardize the methodology for cryopreservation of malaria parasites using glycerolyte

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: MOL08

Genotyping of SNPs in the Kelch 13 gene (PF3D7_1343700), associated with artemisinin resistance

Version: 1.0

Publication Code: SAF01

A process for the identification, management, assessment, and reporting of adverse events/adverse drug reactions

Version: v1.0

Publication Code: EXT08

Manually determining the size of Plasmodium falciparum polymorphic markers to distinguish recrudesent from reinfecting infections in clinical trials

Version: 1.0